Steps To Foster And Adopt

Adapted from Fostering Hope Austin

STEP 1: Attend an Informational Meeting

This FREE information meeting is held in every 2nd Tuesday of each month, and no reservation is necessary. Please join us at  Southland Baptist Church. At the Orientation, you will get basic information on foster care processes and any and all questions are welcome.  


STEP 2: Learn from Others

Having honest conversations with at least two or three other foster/adoptive families will be one of the best ways in determining if this is right for you. 

STEP 3: Examine Your Motivations and Expectations

The motivations and expectations you have for fostering or adopting play a significant role in your relationship with your future child. Examining your reasons for fostering and adopting now, and adjusting your expectations is an important step to providing unconditional love to a child.  


STEP 4: Recruit Your Team

Fostering or adopting is done best when a community of people care for and support your family. Are there two or three trusted people/families who are committed to caring for you regularly through prayer and practical help, both during your initial process and once you have your child home?  EXAMPLES

STEP 5: Determine What Child Might Best Fit Your Family

Consider the need for families for older children and teens. Talk with other foster families about what it is like to parent children who do not come to them as infants.